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Luxury Chic Picnics

Come, escape to a world of enchantment and indulgence with the "Girl Who Wants Everything" and her Luxury Beachfront Picnics. Imagine a picturesque setting next to the waves, a stunning tablescape, and a gathering of your closest confidants. With every detail crafted to perfection, you'll be transported to a realm where indoor and outdoor meet in elegant harmony. Experience the simple yet treasured gift of sharing beachside snacks and drinks with your loved ones amidst stunning scenery and exquisite details. Each of our chic picnics is a unique creation, customized to fit your personal taste and the occasion you're celebrating. From brunch & lunch to afternoon snack, or an evening delight, we'll work closely with you to ensure your picnic is a reflection of your style. So, whether you come in your bikini or blanket, our Professional Vacation Concierge will capture the memories of a lifetime. Book your dreamy beachside tablescape with us, and let us create an unforgettable and stunning setup for your special event.
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Each Of Our Boho-Inspired Picnics Include:

Luxe Picnic Set-Up

You'll find a sumptuous display of linens that complement the surroundings, pampas grass arrangements that add an organic touch, and comfortable bamboo or canvas chairs that invite you to recline in style. Luxurious floor cushions offer plush seating, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

Ambient Illumination

For our sunset picnic gatherings, candles and globe lights cast a warm, gentle glow, transforming your setting into a luminous wonderland. The flickering candles and soft light strung overhead create an atmosphere that's both romantic and cozy.

Chic Table Settings

Every detail, from the dinnerware to glassware, has been carefully chosen to harmonize with the surroundings. It's a visual feast that sets the stage for a culinary journey, creating a dining experience that's as beautiful as it is delicious.

Signature Charcuterie Board

Featuring Artisan Cheeses & Meats, Seasonal Fruits, Nuts & Honey, Artisan Crackers

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Boho Chic Beach Picnic

Ascend Your Picnic To Celestial Heights With Added Luxuries:

Ethereal Gram-Worthy Photo Session

Our soulful professional photographers know exactly how to capture your moments

Customizable Chalk Board Sign, Illuminated "Marry Me" Lifesize Signage, Champagne Toast

Cornhole, Ladderball, Horseshoes

Nostalgic Game-Entertainment Along The Shoreline

Nibbles Menu

Palatable Delights To Elevate Your Dining Experience:

Kosher dill, pecans, ugly ripe tomatoes

  • Smoke Tuna Mini Sandwiches

  • Artisan Meats Sandwiches

With baby greens and roma tomatoes

  • Green Goddess

Fresh garden veggies with basil pesto

  • Goddess Sushi Boards

A feast of nigiri, shrimp poke, cucumber salad and kani salad

Après Beach Menu

  • Prosecco & Chocolate

Dessert samplings of freshly made confectionaries

  • Let's Get Tipsy

Prosecco with chocolate dipped strawberries

  • Winding Down

Wine and charcuterie board

  • La Islita

Charcuterie board, fresh salsa, guacamole, ships & quesadillas

Endless Possibilities...

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Boho Beach Picnic for 2
Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, The Girl Who Wants Everything vacation concierge has everything you need to make your trip to Panama City Beach and the beach towns of 30A Florida, unforgettable. So why wait? Dream of all the things you’ve always wanted out of your beach vacation and let our dream weavers take care of the rest!
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