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Now Extending Our Adventures to ATLANTA!

We are thrilled to unveil our opulent voyage into the enchanting realm of Atlanta! This momentous occasion has been a tale inscribed in the stars, for our kinship with this land runs deep, tracing back two decades in the Northern reaches of Atlanta. Delighting in elegant garden feasts and lavish nights under the celestial canopy of forested mountains, we offer an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in the art of viniculture with curated wine tastings amidst the splendor of the Montaluce Winery, accompanied by bespoke chef-crafted dining experiences. Be it proposals, weddings, or jubilant gatherings, the tapestry of life unfurls with boundless reasons to revel.

Adorning Tablescapes

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of opulent dining extravagance

Seeking an opulent evening enveloped in opulence and exquisite wines? Our exquisite table arrangements are destined to render you breathless. As the exclusive dining tablescapes' vendor, the dining series at Montaluce Winery is a symphony of bespoke indulgence, where every nuance is a reflection of your desires. From thematic embellishments to a tantalizing menu, each facet is meticulously woven to craft a spellbinding soiree that will etch itself into the tapestries of your memory. Allow us to manifest your fantasies, sculpting a night of enduring splendor. Merge our resplendent adornments with your preferred vintage, and watch as enchantment unfurls.


Choose from our dream lineup:

Speakeasy Jazz Revival | A Coastal Affair | Off The Vine


Wandering Winnie

She's always the life of the party.

Behold Wandering Winnie, a mobile cart of wonder that graces your presence. Its appearance, be it regal or casual, is attuned to your vision. A touch of effervescence or a dollop of sweetness, Winnie caters to your every whim. Let us cast a spell of delight, as your guests bask in the glory of a champagne brunch, or a dessert luncheon. With the magic of our concierge team, we shall transform your space into a theater of wonder, dazzling your guests with a display of opulence. Let us curate a bespoke experience, tailored to your every desire, as we weave a tapestry of luxuriance and elegance.

tgwwe.jpg-39 (1).jpg

Backyard Movie Nights

An enchanting evening of cinematic wonder beneath the celestial canopy

Step into the realm of Backyard Movie Nights, where a fusion of opulence and amusement awaits. Behold our enchanting tableau, bedecked with bohemian rugs and sumptuous leather poufs, weaving a tapestry of comfort and sophistication. Sink into our lavish seating, accented with plump cushions, as you prepare to embark on a celestial odyssey beneath the celestial canopy. The pièce de résistance of our cinematic spectacle is a majestic 16-foot inflatable screen, harmonized with a Bluetooth projector and celestial choir of speakers, ensuring a symphony of sight and sound. Yet, our grandeur goes beyond the silver screen. Behold the Wondering Winnie Bar Cart, a chariot brimming with a cornucopia of popcorn delights. Engage in the alchemy of flavors with an array of seasonings, from the classic buttery embrace to the allure of gourmet blends, all harmonizing with your libations of choice.


Join us for a night of splendor and merriment, as we redefine the essence of movie nights with a sprinkle of refinement and luxury.


Luxury Picnics

Elevate your outdoor gathering to a new level of excellence

In the realm of bespoke enchantments, behold the Luxury Chic Picnic—a tapestry woven to your desires and the essence of your celebration. Together, we craft a symphony of your tastes and dreams, painting each detail in hues of your essence. These opulent gatherings transcend mere feasting; they are a dance of indulgence, a symphony of senses, and a toast to life's splendor. From the embrace of plush cushions to the dance of starlight above, every facet is a gem handpicked to elevate your picnic into a regal odyssey. Embrace nature's enchantment without forsaking luxury and flair. By choosing our Luxury Chic Picnics, you embark on an unforgettable voyage through elegance and repose beneath the open sky.

400003287_650136590610362_2880388906855698466_n (1).jpg

Glamping Under the Stars

An enchanting evening of cinematic wonder beneath the celestial canopy

Embark on an enchanting retreat to our backyard haven of glamorous camping, where a majestic 20-foot canvas sanctuary beckons. Illuminated by celestial globe lights, the air hums with a mystical allure. Within, twin beds swathed in opulent linens await, cocooning you in a haven beneath the heavens. Be it a jubilant bachelorette affair, a whimsical birthday revelry, or a soirée among kindred spirits, our glamping soiree blends wilderness and opulence. Rediscover camaraderie, weave tales, and drift into slumber beneath the celestial canopy, weaving memories that shimmer through eternity. A sublime escapade to revel in life's milestones, ensconced in the lavish embrace of your own verdant retreat.

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