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Dinner Under the Stars

Close your eyes and envision a celestial realm, where stars twinkling like diamonds illuminate an endless sea. The symphony of the tide lulls your senses, while the aroma of decadent dishes casts a spell of enchantment. Our seaside oasis transforms into a banquet hall of the divine, where every dish is a celestial creation and every moment an ethereal experience. Opulence reigns supreme, where tables are adorned with luxurious linens and elegant settings. Every detail is carefully crafted to ensure that your dining experience is a feast for the senses. Our celestial servers cater to your every whim and need, transforming your evening into a cosmic journey of indulgence.
Pair this magical dining experience with our Bonfire Experience, a mystical ending to your celestial feast.

Luxe Al Fresco Beachfront Dinners Include:

Luxurious Tablescape

Gaze upon the grandeur of tables draped in lavish linens, where every element harmonizes in elegance, elevating the act of dining to a realm beyond the ordinary. Each meticulous detail weaves a tapestry of sophistication, offering a feast that tantalizes not just the taste buds but also the very essence.

Celestial Illumination

As daylight bids adieu, the gentle radiance of globe lights emerges, enveloping the surroundings in a soft, intimate embrace. This luminous dance transforms the beachside setting into a realm of pure enchantment, igniting the night with a touch of magic. Our dinner series includes a dedicated Server to enhance your experience.


Ascend Your Beachfront Dining To Celestial Heights With Added Luxuries:

Ethereal Gram-Worthy Photo Session

Our soulful professional photographers know exactly how to capture your moments

Outdoor Cigar Bar

Indulge in an array of vintage cigar offerings, guided by a seasoned cigar connoisseur who will meticulously handpick, cut, and light your way to an exquisite experience.

Live Melodies

Enchant your beachfront dinner with the spellbinding melodies of a live musician. Music, a balm for the soul, has the power to unite even the most diverse souls, weaving together a tapestry of harmony against the backdrop of the roaring waves.

Lifetime Moments

With a flicker of magic, any of our beach dinners can be transformed into a jubilant celebration for any occasion. Enchanting bonfires, birthdays bedecked in stars to engagements crowned with wonder, and bachelorette events adorned with the moon's radiance.

Elevate  Your Experience:

Soulful Libations

  • Champagne

Effervescent nectar of the gods: chilled champagne.

  • Margarita Bar

Choose your favorite flavor and we'll do the rest

  • Wine and Beer Variations

Whites and Reds, International or Domestic

  • Tiki Bar

Brimming with exquisite signature cocktails and an array of sought-after beers.

Private Beachfront Chef Experience

Florida Lump Crab Toast

Citrus marinated crab, melon, asiago, chives, toasted brioche

Chirashi Bowl

Seared gulf yellowfin, sushi rice, thai slaw, korean bbq

Summer Ricotta Salad

Mixed field greens, grand ricotta, thyme honey, blood orange, toasted almond, grapefruit rose vinaigrette

Surf & Turf

Pan roasted beef tenderloin with cabernet demi, key lime gulf shrimp, yukon mash, grilled asparagus

Smores Board

Toasted marshmallows, assorted smores toppings

Endless Possibilities...

Sorority Girls Getaway Bonfire Photoshoot
Girls Vacation Beach Photoshoot
Girls Bachelorette Getaway Beach Photoshoot
Sorority Girls Getaway Bonfire Photoshoot
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Screenshot 2024-02-02 093954
Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, The Girl Who Wants Everything vacation concierge has everything you need to make your trip to Panama City Beach and the beach towns of 30A Florida, unforgettable. So why wait? Dream of all the things you’ve always wanted out of your beach vacation and let our dream weavers take care of the rest!
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