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In-House Chef Experiences

Experience the ultimate culinary indulgence with our In-House Chef Night—a night of unparalleled dining luxury right in the comfort of your own home. Picture this: a skilled chef, armed with creativity and expertise, arrives at your doorstep ready to transform your evening into a culinary journey.

An In-House Chef Night is not just a meal; it's a sensory journey, an exploration of tastes and textures, and a celebration of culinary craftsmanship. Elevate your dining experience with the luxury of having a talented chef curate a feast tailored to your desires, leaving you with a taste of indulgence that lingers long after the final course.

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp, paprika white wine, and cocktail sauce

Mary Style Crab Cakes

Lump Crab Meat with Panko Breadcrumbs with hints of dill & cilantro. Topped with spicy red pepper aioli and accompanied with truffle oil vinaigrette dressed with arugula & goat cheese

Just Keep Swimming

Potatoe crusted grouper with fennel cream sauce accompanied with side of citrus coconut rice pilaf & seasonal veggies

Sex & The City

New York Strip in red wine pan sauce accompanied with crab, jumbo shrimp & rosemary potatoes

Rowans Pasta

Black garlic sage pasta with drizzle of truffle oil, grated parmesan and red chili flakes

Lamb Meatballs

Grille Ground Lamb with fresh herbs and creamy Tzaziki Sauce

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Marinated Brussel sprouts with crushed pecans & balsamic dressing

Curry To The Beach

Curry Seared scallops accompanied with couscous & roasted zucchini

Cheeky Girl

Zuchhini squashed breaded chicken breast with vegetable stir fry and peral quinoa

In-House Sushi Nights

Classic Maki

California Roll, crab, avocado, & cucumber

Classic Philly

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado

Chef's Choice Maki

Miso cured Salmon, cucumber & siracha, topped with avocado & micro green sprout salad tossed with truffle oil vinaigrette

The Pooh Bear

Fresh Salmon, sprouts & honey dipped in apple, dressed with smoked pepper dust & shaved dried tomatoes

Spicy Tuna

Ahi, spicy aioli & cucumber, freshly sliced Serrano peppers & dusting of togarashi

Crispy Shrimp

Steamed shrimp, cured with sweet vinegar & mirin, with crispy panko, spicy aioli & pickled green mango

The Phoenix

Classic spicy tuna roll topped with sliced pepper & seared tuna, served with smoked ginger soy sauce

The Glow

Roasted red pepper, asparagus, cucumber, topped with avocado.  

Non veggie option available

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