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Dear Paris
The Girls are coming 2023!

Join us for a sensory overload of French culture.  We will be strolling our way through the bustling streets, while we discover some of France’s oldest and most charming boutiques, while sampling an array of Parisian wine and food hosted by local connoisseurs and chefs.


Each experience will be private and be guided by a local expert 


Les Halles Foodie Tour

With one of our French Cuisine Chefs, join us for a three-hour adventure as we taste our way through one of the most historic food neighbourhoods of the city - Les Halles and rue Montorgueil. Long nicknamed the ‘Belly of Paris’ thanks to Emile Zola’s 1873 novel ‘Le Ventre de Paris’, the area forms the foundation of the Paris' gastronomic


Wine & Cheese Pairing with LouLou

Chez Loulou is a famous blogger in France where she has made it her mission to taste all the different French cheeses. That's 1500! She is a cheese connoisseur that will take our palates through an incredible journey and share with us wine pairings


Les Marais Food Tour

a food tour and tasting in one of Paris's most dynamic neighborhoods! We will start our evening in Paris with a Food Tour at one of France's most revered times of the day: l'apéro (the before-dinner hours when the French enjoy a sociable glass of wine and a little charcuterie, fromage, and more). 

Then we’ll wind our way through the tiny cobbled streets of the iconic Le Marais district, one of the most popular and diverse areas of the city, and make our way to our favorite specialty boutiques, where you'll discover the best of French Gastronomy. You’ll get an insight into the history of the area, visit some famous landmarks, and discover some hidden gems along the way - all en route to collect the tasty essentials to complete our Marais Soirée!


Death By Chocolate!!!

The best two hour whirlwind pastry experience in Paris for those that are French pastry fanatics.

 A plethora of 'sweet' boutiques in the uber trendy Marais, this is the perfect experience for those that want to dive into the world of pastries, chocolates and candies! Hand selected, tasted and approved by the La Cuisine Paris chef team.


Les Aligre Food Market Tour with Alison

Alison is a local french food and cultural expert. Discover the MarchÉ d'Aligre, one of Paris's most vibrant and authentic outdoor markets. Alison will show us how to shop like a local, share ideas on cooking with French ingredients and tips on how to interact with market vendors.


Montmartre with Forest

Forest is a cocktail expert! Let’s go discover the forgotten bars from the 1920s as Forest takes us on an exquisite tour of some of the most famous bars and cafes.


Chocolate Food Of the Gods with Lisa

In this unique action-packed 2-hour experience, you and your family will explore the Food of the Gods from half a dozen angles! First, Lisa will give you a private lesson in how chocolate is made, and how to appreciate it better as you taste different kinds. Then, a 45-minute walking tour of several of Paris’s top chocolatiers, including tastings, will open your eyes to the world of fine bonbons and bean to bar chocolate, as well as several insider tips about the neighborhood and its fascinating history. Finally, return to the Edwart Atelier for a tempering demonstration and 1 hour hands-on workshop to create your very own molded chocolates to take home.



Be your own perfumer ! Candora is the first French brand fully dedicated to offering you the opportunity to create your very own fragrance.

Candora has a collection of 22 exceptional fragrances which you can play with: spray some Oud together with the Rose or Iris, add a touch of Wild Herbs. You can also mix them into the blending bottle to create your unique perfume, one that fits your tastes, your mood, your personality.

You will embark on an imaginative and inspiring journey while creating your personalized fragrance.



Shhhh this one we will reveal in Paris but we have an exhilarating surprise for you and experience Paris like none other. 



We kickoff Tuesday November 1 and you will be with us for 7 days to be fully immersed in French culture, wine, and become a foodie connoisseur of French cuisine. 



Includes Airbnb accommodations in some of the most luxurious and central apartments in Paris.

All the tours with French experts, chefs, sommeliers and cultural ambassadors Dinner each night at a local Parisian restaurant. Private Chauffeur to and from the airport and during our 7 days. 


Airfare (not included)

Passport Fees (not included)


Limited availability. Please note due to the tours that we will be attending the group will be limited in capacity and once we are full we will not be able to accommodate additional guests



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